conservation of energy

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con·ser·va·tion of en·er·gy

the principle that the total amount of energy in a closed system remains always the same, none being lost or created in any chemical or physical process or in the conversion of one kind of energy into another, within that system.
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conservation of energy

The principle according to which energy cannot be created or destroyed, but is transformed into other forms.
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To distinguish the quantities calculated by different methods, we denote the value given by the law of gravity and Newton's second law as [v.sup.2.sub.p], while [v'.sup.2.sub.p] denotes the value given by the law of conservation of energy.
6 To be restricted (or constrained) by principle (law) of conservation of energy
A perpetual motion machine is a hypothetical machine that violates the conservation of energy by producing more energy than it consumes.
Conservation of energy also includes discussions to identify diverse energy sources.
Tools required to help students build useful conceptions of energy need to represent the various forms of energy involved in an event while making the application of the law of conservation of energy obvious (Energy, 2006; Hewitt, 2005).
The new award introduced this year commends businesses within Qatar's hospitality industry that incorporate, support and promote best practices in conservation of energy, water and other natural resources.
This decision has been taken to move forward Chief Minister Punjab vision of conservation of energy.
5 The exclusion principle is not compatible with law of conservation of energy, and in physics the principles that are not compatible with law of conservation of energy will be invalid in some cases
The participants were holding candles and banners in their hands inscribed with slogans regarding the conservation of energy.
Aa Conservation of energy, lighting, water and material use and the incorporation of several other green strategies form the basis of this certification.
The final chapters offer advice on conservation of energy, new environmental policies, and adaptations to a warmer planet.

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