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informed consent form

The document used in a clinical trial that explains to potential participants the risks and potential benefits of a study, and the rights and responsibilities of the parties involved. The informed consent document provides a summary of a clinical trial (including its purpose, the treatment procedures and schedule, potential risks and benefits, alternatives to participation, etc.) and explains an individual's rights as a subject. It is designed to begin the informed consent process, which consists of a dialogue between the subject and the research team; if the individual then decides to enter the trial, he or she gives his or her official consent by signing the document.
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consent form

A legal document, dated and signed by a patient and his or her health care provider, designating that the patient has been advised about the care about to be received.

Patient care

The document should specify the nature of the care and its proposed merits and hazards. If the care involves an invasive procedure, the document should provide enough detail about the procedure so that a reasonable person can decide whether it is in his or her interest to proceed. The material risks of the procedure, and consequences of not undergoing the procedure, should be listed. Alternatives to the procedure should be enumerated. Any special terms or conditions should be explicitly stated in the document. The form should include the name and title of the practitioner who provides the information to the patient. The document becomes valid when it is dated and signed by all parties.

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ICFs used in emergency clinics of four different universities and five state hospitals, with two training and research hospitals and three state hospitals, the consent forms of which could be reached, were collected.
In the first part, the Flesch's readability formula adapted to Turkish by Atesman and the readability formula developed by Cetinkaya and Uzun (14, 15) applied to the informed consent form to determine the level of readability that allowed a reader-free evaluation at the beginning.
The second is concerned with the physical written consent forms, which relate to the elements of disclosing information and authorization and are the focus of this study.
Each student was given a consent form to return prior to the immunisation session on 26 February.
(5) In this context, the importance of the information provided by the researchers concerning the procedures involved in the research is highlighted, as well as the understanding by the participants of the information described in the informed consent form. (6)
(2004) reported that 'the consent form is often at a scientific level that contributes to information overload, poor understanding, and misinformed consent'.
Sterilised women interviewed by Namibian Women's Health Network (NWHN) over the course of the past three years did indeed sign a consent form, but they did so under pressure from doctors, and in many situations, they had little choice but to agree to the procedure.
A tax return preparer may not alter a consent form after the taxpayer has signed the document, including by filling in blank spaces.
It has scheduled a live webcast entitled: “Legal Series: Understanding FDA's Consent Form Requirements Live Webcast.” This two-hour event is scheduled on January 17, 2013 from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM ET.
But, we have them in India and we are expecting it to be in place here also soon," said Adarsh Rio George, an Amicos member who signed the consent form.
DAVID Owen (Letters, June 20) seems to be under the impression that the people of Wales are able to tick a box marked 'Yes' on an existing Organ Donation consent form, but unable to tick one marked 'No' on the proposed new 'presumed consent' form.