consensual light reflex

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con·sen·su·al re·ac·tion

contraction of the pupil of the fellow eye in consensus with the pupil of the illuminated eye.

consensual light reflex

a normally present crossed reflex in which light directed at one eye causes the opposite pupil to contract. In monocular blindness the pupil of the blind eye reacts consensually with stimulation of the seeing eye but does not cause constriction of the pupil of either eye. Also called consensual reaction to light. See also light reflex. Compare direct light reflex.

consensual light reflex

Ophthalmology The ability of both pupils to react to light which is tested by shining a beam of light in one eye, and assessing the response of the other eye, which normally constricts

con·sen·su·al light re·flex

(kŏn-sen'shū-ăl līt rē'fleks)
Constriction of both pupils when only one is exposed to bright light; indicates integrity of optic nerve on exposed side and of oculomotor nerves on both sides.


excited by reflex stimulation.

consensual light reflex
application of a bright light to one eye causes reflex constriction of the pupil of the other, as well as the pupil of the first eye.