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In any effort to explain the transposition that Lonergan proposed, I suggest that the following four points may provide critical guideposts: (1) accidental operations render the subject conscious; (2) an entitative habit resides in the essence of the soul, in the substance as distinct from in its accidents; (3) the entitative habit constitutes the remote principle of the consequent operations received in the proximate potencies that arise from it; and (4) the conscious manifestation of that remote principle remains distinct from the operations themselves.
54) In his admirable efforts to work out a supernatural-psychological analogy--such that the terms and relations of the analogy actually signify created participations in the divine relations for which they provide analogues--he identifies the conscious manifestation of sanctifying grace with faith.
Where Doran understands the latter as the conscious manifestation of the former, Vertin seems to view the effects of each as perhaps identical in the conscious-intentional performance of the religiously converted subject.
This particular behavior (symptom, resistance, defense) is the conscious manifestation of several of the patient's unconscious struggles.
We may have to devise ways of getting the unconscious appreciation out into conscious manifestation by some iterative process.
But because such fear originates as well as resides in the unconscious, its conscious manifestations often go unnoticed in light of their unconscious source.
As Mill concludes: "We have no conception of Mind itself, as distinguished from its conscious manifestations.