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Complex protein assemblies that traverse the lipid bilayer of the plasma membrane and form a continuous channel with a pore diameter of approximately 1.5 nm; a pair of connexons from two adjacent cells join to form a gap junction that bridges the 2-4-nm gap between the cells, resulting in both electrical and metabolic couplings; one type of connexons makes up the gap junction in the heart and may coordinate the beating of all muscle cells in one section of the heart.
See also: connexins.
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Each connexon comprises six connexins which are assembled in the endoplasmic reticulum or in the Golgi apparatus to form a connexon hemi-channel.
Gating is a reversible transition between connexon channel due to the result of non covalent and covalent modifications of the channel structure.
In the current edition, Ganong (physiology, University of California) expands coverage of food intake, mitochondria and molecular motors, melanopsin, pheromones, von Willebrand factor, and the complexity of connexons, while sections on renal function and estrogen receptors have been updated.
In the course of forming gap junctions, the connexins oligomerize into hexameric arrays known as "connexons" or "hemichannels" that assemble in the plasma membrane before docking with the connexons of adjacent cells (1).
In the present study, we used the two-electrode voltage-clamp recording technique to examine the effects of zinc on the currents mediated by the connexons formed by the endogenous connexin (Cx38) of stage V-VI Xenopus oocytes, and those formed by perch Cx35, a connexin expressed in neurons of the vertebrate retina (11, 12).
Small intracellular pores in endothelial cells may also open in the presence of 5-HT Cx43 is a major connexin found in endothelial cells and is found in connexons, transmembrane gap junctions that allow the diffusion of small molecules between cells.
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Six connexin (Cx) subunits oligomerize into connexon, which is called a hemichannel after insertion into plasma membrane.
Six connexin polypeptides oligomerize to form a membrane hemichannel, or connexon, which can dock with the connexons from adjacent cells to form an aqueous pore (d [approximately equal to] 16 A) which allows the cell-to-cell diffusion of ions, second-messenger molecules, and metabolites having a molecular mass [less than or equal to] 1 kDa.
Six connexin polypeptides oligomerize to form a membrane hemichannel or connexon, clusters of which join with the connexons of adjacent cells to create the gap junction.
If intercellular coupling sensitive to gap junction blockers is involved in sea pansy luminescence signaling, then one should be able to detect a protein capable of assembling into connexons for this coupling.