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A union of elements or things; a connecting structure.
Synonym(s): connexus
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Vox populi A link of one form or another. See Africa connection, AIDS-malaria connection, Cross-connection, Monkey connection, Mosquito connection.
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A union of elements or things; a connecting structure.
Synonym(s): connexus.
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Patient discussion about connection

Q. Is there a connection between Epstein-Barr Virus and Fibromyalgia and where can I find information? I was diagnosed with EBV 10 years ago and got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Depression 5 yrs ago-is there a connection and if so where can I obtain information. If anyone can help-Thank You!

A. EBV is a herpes virus. And there are arguments from both sides if it has a connection or not to Fibromyalgia, some articles say that , some say the other. The truth is that for the patient it doesn’t mater. If you have it you have to deal with it and it doesn’t mater how it showed up. This mater to the researches.

Q. Is there any connection between ADD and Autism? I refer to ADD, not ADHD

A. there is a theory that ADD and learning disabilities are a "continuum" up to Asperger syndrome and autism. due to similarities in brain function and symptoms. mind you- it's a theory.

Q. Is there any genetic connection with fibromyalgia? My sweet daughter Ancy is 13 years old. She is complaining abdominal pain, morning stiffness and tight muscles. She got her periods when she was 12. I am at a loss to understand whether she complains muscular pain or joint pain as joint pain in teens is very rare and cannot be seen. Of late, she complains leg pain and more particularly muscular pain. She just goes to school and comes back and is not involved in any sport to get this muscular pain. What may be the reason for this muscular pain? My mom had fibromyalgia and suffered a lot with the pain. Now I am scared whether my daughter might be the case of fibromyalgia and more importantly is fibromyalgia possible in teens? Is there any genetic connection with fibromyalgia?

A. Yes it is possible. In medical terms it is being called ‘Juvenile Primary Fibromyalgia Syndrome’. It is a syndrome where a person experiences musculoskeletal pain and fatigue as the core symptom. This syndrome is possible in children especially in their teens. Girls are more prone to this syndrome than guys and it is very true that fibromyalgia has genetic connection as more than 75% of patients will have a family history of fibromyalgia. Her symptoms are very much related to JPFS symptoms and you can right away consult a physician who could suggest you Cognitive behavioral therapy [CBT] which is the best treatment for this syndrome. I wish her a speedy recovery.

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