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Complex protein assemblies; a group of six makes up a connexon.
See also: connexons.
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It is now known that there is a distinct difference between pannexins and connexins.
Connexins act as hemichannels between adjacent cells and play a key role in intracellular signaling and extracellular calcium uptake within cells.
Effects of isoprenaline on endothelial connexins and angiogenesis in a human endothelial cell culture system.
inflammation, and inactivation of p53, to cell proliferation to invasion and metastasis 2 ERG transcription factor mediated signal, IL-6 2/3 p53 signaling, MAP kinases, VEGF signaling Level of Endpoint-hallmark affected information: cross-reactions Early key events 1 Gene expression Metabolic enzyme induction Genetic instability Tumor microenvironment Cell cycle Invasion and metastasis 1 Cell proliferation Angiogenesis DNA repair 1/2 Sustained proliferative signaling 2 Deregulated metabolism 2 Correlation with migratory processes and metastasis potential 2 MDM oncoprotein family of p53-proteins (p21 and bcl-2) Apoptosis Angiogenesis HIF-1[alpha] Inflammation 2 MAP kinase, apoptosis 2/3 Cell transformation Connexins Cadherins ?
Gap junctions are cell-cell communication channels that consist of multimeric proteins called connexins.
Connexin 43 (Cx43) is the major component of gap junctions in the ventricular myocytes, and it is one of the important connexins in the atria.
Connexins (Cx) are recognized as structural constituents of gap-junctional intercellular communication (GJIC).
This is because the presence of connexins suppresses primary tumor growth," Dr.
7) Connexins and potassium channel proteins control key physiological processes in the heart and inner ear, demonstrating that similar electrically excitable tissues are present in both localizations (8) which are considered to be the regulators of autonomic response.
Connexins are transmembrane proteins that form intercellular channels important for cell communication and adhesion.