connective tissue cell

con·nec·tive tis·sue cell

any of the cells of varied form occurring in connective tissue.
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The research, led by Professor Douglas Fearon, determined that this barrier is created by a chemokine protein, CXCL12, which is produced by a specialised kind of connective tissue cell, called a carcinoma-associated fibroblast, or CAF.
An earlier work by Pender et al (19) did not describe any paravascular location but identified two distinct progenitor connective tissue cell populations in the rat gingiva; one population was located in the mid papilla region and the other close to the epithelial attachment and cementum.
During the proliferative phase, several cell types including fibroblasts (the primary connective tissue cell type), keratinocytes (epidermal skin cells) and endothelial cells (the primary vascular cell type) proliferate dramatically and are crucial in promoting healing of the wound.
Shiwani Moghe, a graduate student at Texas Woman's University, decided to evaluate whether blueberry polyphenols play a role in adipocyte differentiation, the process in which a relatively unspecialized cell acquires specialized features of an adipocyte, an animal connective tissue cell specialized for the synthesis and storage of fat.
And this was not the only surprise: For the most part, the DNA salvaged was even still able to transfer genetic information to bacterial and connective tissue cells.
In response to any damage or injury that results in inflammation, the fibroblasts--which are versatile connective tissue cells and can differentiate into an array of other types of connective tissue cells including cartilage, adipose tissue, bone and even circulate precursors within blood--initiate an adaptive immunity response to commence tissue repair.
Connective tissue cells grew on the hybrid scaffold and penetrated into the pores, with more cells growing in the hybrid scaffold than in a scaffold made only of collagen.
Scientists believe one reason could be the effect the treatment has on healthy connective tissue cells called fibroblasts.
Other important initial projects for PMC will include the establishment of an international tissue bank, the development of intraoperative cryotherapy (freezing), initiation of a stromal cell modification project (stromal cells are the connective tissue cells of any organ) and the identification of a predictive model for drug prevention of malignant pleural mesothelioma.
of Worcester, reported yesterday that they used a cell-penetrating peptide to ferry four key proteins into connective tissue cells.
Planted into adult connective tissue cells in the laboratory, they caused the cells to go "into reverse" and lose their programming.
In the vicinity of the digestive gland, flattened layers of the connective tissue cells were present around the sporocysts.

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