connection error

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connection error

The linking of incompatible devices, drug delivery systems, or power sources with one another. It is a potential cause of patient injury.

Patient care

Systems approaches to equipment engineering in which devices used for different purposes are made physically incompatible with each other (as by designing links between structures so that physiologically incompatible tubes cannot be fastened to each other) can prevent connection errors. Careful labeling of devices and drug delivery systems by nurses, with cross-checking of labels by staff, may also be helpful.

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A connection error n o is calculated by the stresses [[sigma].sub.n]:
Atel, a Swiss electricity company, confirmed that there had been a problem in Switzerland, but it blamed a connection error by an Italian grid operator.
Atel power company spokesman Rolf Schmid said: "We are working on the assumption that the blackout was caused by a connection error by an Italian grid operator."
If a pop-up message "Connection Error! Server Not Available" displays, make sure the Touch sensor application from the Internet of Things Embedded Application is still running.
* Other connectors with the potential for connection error include abdominal catheters (t-tubes, wound drainage, etc.), Blakemore tubes, cantor tubes, chest tubes, cranial catheters, suction tubing, nephrostomy tubes, amnioinfusion catheter (intrauterine pressure) and drains.
An attacker logged onto the same unsecured Wi-Fi network can hijack this request for data, provide a fake connection error, then tell the app to try again through a different address of the attacker's choosing.
Almost all malls in Dubai have a Wi-Fi connection, so you need not worry about any connection errors. Shoppers might be chattering and walking about, but if you choose a good time, the mornings at 9 am are best.
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