connection error

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connection error

The linking of incompatible devices, drug delivery systems, or power sources with one another. It is a potential cause of patient injury.

Patient care

Systems approaches to equipment engineering in which devices used for different purposes are made physically incompatible with each other (as by designing links between structures so that physiologically incompatible tubes cannot be fastened to each other) can prevent connection errors. Careful labeling of devices and drug delivery systems by nurses, with cross-checking of labels by staff, may also be helpful.

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A connection error n o is calculated by the stresses [[sigma].
com/r/NintendoSwitch/comments/68ftbj/mk8_deluxe_leaves_a_bad_impression_for_a_an/) flooded the internet with complaints of lag, hit detection inaccuracies and connection errors.
On complex installations where several multi coupling plates are used on the same machine, mechanical interlocking systems on each plate prevent any connection errors and selection of left hand and right hand locking allows plates to be positioned side by side.
Using color-coded or physically keyed connectors to prevent connection errors is especially critical on fluid lines in large automated immunoassay instruments where multiple reagent supply lines are co-located with rinse and waste lines (Figure 5).
ISPs have reduced the average number of website connection errors experienced by customers in the past 3months to 2.
He also told the police that the bomb which exploded at the railway station was, in fact, meant to be fitted at the rally ground but accidentally went off due to connection errors which spoiled their plans.
Not only is this a big advantage in terms of convenience, it also reduces the risk of connection errors and makes possible big time savings particularly as, in many cases, transformer bushings are not readily accessible.
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