connecting stalk

con·nect·ing stalk

the extraembryonic precursor of the umbilical cord by which the caudal end of the embryo is attached to the chorion.
Synonym(s): body stalk
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A more recent theory suggests that gastroschisis may result from failure of one or more folds responsible for wall closure and the subsequent inhibition of the yolk stalk to merge with the connecting stalk. As development proceeds the primary intestinal loop either herniates into the amniotic cavity (instead of the umbilical cord) or a part of the intestinal loop herniates normally into the umbilical cord while another part herniates through an unclosed portion of the malformed body wall [3,12].
The jelly resists twisting and compression, thus serving to protect the critical vascular lifeline, the formation of the umbilical cord begins when the connecting stalk of the extraembryonic mesoderm links the embryo to the trophoblast.