1. A surgical procedure to construct a passageway through the conjunctiva into the nasal cavity.
2. The opening so produced.
[conjunctiva + G. ris (rhin), nose, + stoma, mouth]
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In this study, we aimed to assess the etiologies of proximal nasolacrimal system obstruction and compare the results of conjunctivodacryocystorhinostomy (CDCR) and/or conjunctivorhinostomy (CR) performed by two different tear drainage tubes, thereby assessing the relative advantages and disadvantages of each tear drainage tube, postoperative problems, and solutions thereof.
Nineteen eyes of 17 patients who underwent conjunctivodacryocystorhinostomy (CDCR) or conjunctivorhinostomy (CR) surgery with a tear drainage tube placement between October 2010 and February 2014 were included in this retrospective comparative study.
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