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Joining; connecting; connective.
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Subject 25 emitted a low response rate and extended PRPs across FI and conjunctive schedules.
For Subjects 37 and 38 response rates were low across all trials on the conjunctive schedule (the first 1-s delay occurred on the first trial for S38, and on the second trial for S37).
A 1-s delay did not occur for either of these subjects on the conjunctive schedule.
The conjunctive schedule, however, produced consistent low-rate performances for most subjects, even when they were given ratio-based verbal instructions.
Consider the general change in performance in the FI to conjunctive condition.
It should be noted, however, that variation in the frequency of response-reinforcer contiguity was not the only change in response- reinforcer relations that could occur across the FI and conjunctive schedules.