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Joining; connecting; connective.
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Subject S1 showed a gradual increase in response rate and inconsistent PRPs across trials on the FI and, initially, on the conjunctive schedule.
Five subjects (11, 14, 15, 17, and 20) showed mainly short PRPs on the conjunctive with an abrupt shift to extended PRPs on the FI; this shift occurred toward the end of the session for S14 and S17.
FI to conjunctive. Figure 4 shows data for Subjects 21 to 30.
Subject 25 emitted a low response rate and extended PRPs across FI and conjunctive schedules.
A 1-s delay did not occur for either of these subjects on the conjunctive schedule.
The conjunctive schedule, however, produced consistent low-rate performances for most subjects, even when they were given ratio-based verbal instructions.