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Joining; connecting; connective.
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However, when subjects were exposed to the conjunctive first, 17 out of 20 subjects tended to produce low rates, and these 17 subjects also produced the low-rate performance on the FI schedule.
A normal recycling conjunctive FT FR 1 schedule and a modified recycling conjunctive FT FR 1 schedule were used during Experiment 2.
Five subjects from the minimally instructed group and five subjects from the ratio-instructed group were exposed to 25 trials on a modified recycling conjunctive FT 10-s FR 1 schedule of reinforcement followed immediately by 50 trials on a normal recycling conjunctive FT x-s FR 1 schedule.
The two figures located in the section of the upper panels which show data for the modified recycling conjunctive refer to obtained response-reinforcer interactions on this schedule after the first 1-s delay.
Two subjects (41 and 45) showed high response rates and short PRP durations on the modified recycling conjunctive schedule, followed by a decrease in response rates and an increase in PRPs (which were variable) during exposure to the normal recycling conjunctive schedule.
All subjects emitted predominantly low response rates and variable PRPs across both normal and modified recycling conjunctive schedules (the first 1-s delay always occurred within the first two trials).