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Joining; connecting; connective.
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It implied that crop water status was determined conjunctively by field soil moisture content and atmospheric conditions, and the plant might suffer a higher stress under the same soil moisture condition when the VPD is higher (El-Sharkawy, 2006; Padhi, et al., 2012; Schoppach and Sadok, 2012; Belko et al., 2013).
Catholic belief has long held that the act of faith encounters God's revelation in Scripture and tradition, even if this particular way of conjunctively formulating the belief only appeared in the aftermath of the Reformation.
Conjunctively, pharmaceutical companies are looking down the rabbit hole at increased access to patient and pharmaceutical usage data; they are set to leverage this sector's transformation by adding mobile solutions offerings to their portfolios.
"The judgment has to be read disjunctively and not conjunctively. We are not satisfied with the explanation of the SG," the SC bench said and refused to agree with Parasaran's explanation for the delay in submitting the list of the bank account holders.
Second, it conjunctively joined all of the judicially crafted anti-abuse doctrines in one new, supersized test.
Basically, it is a conjunctively combined scheme of Goyal et al.'s KP-ABE scheme [7] and Waters' CP-ABE scheme [13].
741-42 (1961) conjunctively and held "that state law will control
The Dividing Point 1 is analytically modeled by conjunctively using the propagation theory and the three-dimensional solid geometry.
"Therefore, the planners should consider piping reclaimed water to areas where groundwater of good quality is available to conjunctively use and meet crop water requirements for irrigating wheat, cowpea and maize on a rotational basis.
The study found that by using reclaimed water conjunctively with ground water, agricultural land can be increased from 1,353 ha to 3,781 ha.