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Joining; connecting; connective.
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The interdependence among clauses is usually signalled by conjunctions (Eggins, 2004; Thompson, 2004) which in this study are referred to as conjunctive forms or elements.
8] proposed secret key encryption with a conjunctive field keyword search scheme in 2004.
In this sense, to use Berardi's lexicon, condividuality is firmly on the side of the conjunctive mode, as it denotes a nonrepeatable and nonstandardized encounter of singularities.
Investigating Conjunctive Water Management Options Using a Dynamic Surface-Groundwater Modeling Approach: A Case Study of Rechna Doab.
Now notice what happens if you replace that semicolon and conjunctive phrasing at the end of "a" in the Business Auto form with a simple period.
Key words: Farmers perception Tubewell Conjunctive use Supplement irrigation INTRODUCTION
In this sentence, however is used as a conjunctive adverb, rather than as a subordinating conjunction, and adverbs cannot connect two clauses.
Instead, the author (Siple, 1995) included both conjunctive devices and a number of features of reference under the rubric of cohesion, such as using one's fingers to represent a list of items or creating reference through the use of space, where different objects were established in different locations.
On other days, there will be a surplus of reclaimed water, unless the conjunctive water management strategy of supplementing reclaimed water with groundwater is formulated.
Under microscopic examination the tissue presented a single pattern of conjunctive constitution, at the surface revealing a thick layer of eosinophilic covering, with characteristics of crust wound undergoing scarring.
resources': The constituents are both nouns and the infix -0-represents the conjunctive particler `and' 5) Jo-xurn `vey happy': The constituents are adjectives and the infix -o-convels emphasis.