conjunctival fornix

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con·junc·ti·val for·nix

the space formed by the junction of the bulbar and palpebral portions of the conjunctiva, that of the upper lid being the superior conjunctival fornix [TA] (fornix conjunctivae superior [TA]) and that of the lower lid, the inferior conjunctival fornix [TA] (fornix conjunctivae inferior [TA]).

conjunctival fornix


pl. fornices [L.] an archlike structure or the vaultlike space created by such a structure.

cerebral fornix
either of a pair of arched fiber tracts that unite under the corpus callosum, so that together they comprise two columns, a body, and two crura.
conjunctival fornix
line of reflexion of the conjunctiva from the eyelid to the eyeball.
hippocampal fornix
a thick bundle of nerve fibers leaving the hippocampus to enter the hypothalamus, terminating in the mamillary body.
telencephalic fornix
see cerebral fornix (above).
vaginal fornix
the annular recess around the outside of the cervix.
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The PRTT was used in its unaltered state in this study, and because of the design of a much thinner filamentous thread, it was generally easier to secure in the conjunctival fornix with a small ophthalmic forceps.
In the current study, we noted a significant difference between tear measurements when the PRTT thread was placed under the upper eyelid margin and in the lower conjunctival fornix.
Here we hypothesize that the thread in the lower conjunctival fornix is absorbing tear fluid from the lacrimal lake formed in the inferior conjunctival fornix, whereas the same pooling effect is not seen when the thread is placed under the upper lid.
In humans, the PRT tear test measures uptake of a (small) amount of fluid residing in the ventral conjunctival fornix and stimulates a low degree of reflex tearing.
Mucin is a hydrated glycoprotein produced by goblet cells of the conjunctival fornix.