conjunctival fornix

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con·junc·ti·val for·nix

the space formed by the junction of the bulbar and palpebral portions of the conjunctiva, that of the upper lid being the superior conjunctival fornix [TA] (fornix conjunctivae superior [TA]) and that of the lower lid, the inferior conjunctival fornix [TA] (fornix conjunctivae inferior [TA]).
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The PRTT was used in its unaltered state in this study, and because of the design of a much thinner filamentous thread, it was generally easier to secure in the conjunctival fornix with a small ophthalmic forceps.
Even so, in this study, where sampling and testing were carried out on the inferior conjunctival fornix and assessed without a magnifying device, the number of children with follicles and carrying C.
Values for the PRTT test when used in the lower conjunctival fornix have been published for Amazon parrots (Amazona species) (12.5 [+ or -] 5 mm/15 s) (3) and screech owls (Megascops asio) (15 mm [+ or -] 4.3 mm/15 s).
To measure tear production with the PRT tear test, the packet of threads was opened and the folded part of one thread was placed inside the lower conjunctival fornix in the caudal third of the lid margin of each eye (Fig 2).
Mucin is a hydrated glycoprotein produced by goblet cells of the conjunctival fornix. The main function of this layer is to correct corneal surface irregularities, in addition to promoting tear adhesion to the corneal epithelium (GRAHN & STOREY, 2004).