conjugated compound

con·ju·gat·ed com·pound

a compound formed by the union of two compounds (as by the elimination of water between an alcohol and an organic acid to form an ester) and easily converted to the original compounds (hydrolysis).
See also: conjugation (4). Compare: condensation compound.
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The new funding will be used to accelerate the development of CAT-2003, the company's omega-3 conjugated compound for patients with severe hypertriglyceridemia, and move the compound into the clinic in 2012.
Data also show that the conjugated compound was absorbed following oral administration and metabolized to its active components intracellularly, providing proof of concept for the SMART Linker technology platform.
RG-101 - claims of the patent, owned solely by Regulus, cover the unconjugated anti-miR-122 component of RG-101, the GalNAc-conjugated anti-miR-122 of RG-101, and pharmaceutical compositions comprising either the unconjugated or conjugated compounds.
Promising New Class of Omega-3 Conjugated Compounds Targeting Inflammation
In addition to Rap-hRS7, the hRS7 antibody provides us the opportunity to study the impact on prostate and lung cancers of a number of conjugated compounds," Ms.