conjugated compound

con·ju·gat·ed com·pound

a compound formed by the union of two compounds (as by the elimination of water between an alcohol and an organic acid to form an ester) and easily converted to the original compounds (hydrolysis).
See also: conjugation (4). Compare: condensation compound.
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The liver, the body's main waste disposal chemical factory, combines it with another chemical to make it water soluble and dumps this new conjugated compound into the bile.
Other conjugated compounds are being investigated as potential precursors.
In what follows, theoretical study by using the DFT method on eight conjugated compounds incorporate thiophene derivatives as [pi]-conjugate linked the electron donor group N, N-diethylaniline and the acceptor cyanoacrylic acid group, as shown in Figure 1.
His topics include stereochemistry at tetrahedral centers, an overview of organic reactions, organhohalides, mass spectrometry and infrared spectroscopy to determine structure, conjugated compounds and ultraviolet spectroscopy, benzene and aromaticity, carboxylic acids and nitriles, carbonyl alpha-substitution reactions, the organic chemistry of metabolic pathways, and synthetic polymers.
Conjugated compounds can be analyzed directly, and polar, thermolabile compounds don't require derivitization.
In this work, theoretical analysis on the geometries and electronic properties of these new conjugated compounds based on furylenevinylene (F1, F2, F3, F4, F5 and F6) as shown in Fig.