conjugate point

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con·ju·gate point

a point so related to another that an object at one is imaged at the other.
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Although homogeneous algebraic representation and singular value decomposition strategy can calculate relative direction elementary efficiently, it is a significant error in the result because of unmatched conjugate points. When there are outliers among the conjugate points, the least squares iterative method is one of the best choices for more accuracy results of relative orientation elementary.
The significance of the upper curvature bound in conjecture 2 is illustrated by the following proposition, which shows that the upper bound plays a similar role as in Cheeger's result, i.e., controlling the conjugate points.
By [H], 2.7, then, the [g.sup.2.sub.g+2] on X separates conjugate points, and its induced morphism [phi] restricts to an isomorphism on every real components of X.
The Galilean space is a three dimensional complex projective space [P.sub.3] in which the absolute figure {w, f, [I.sub.1],[I.sub.2]} consist of a real plane w (the absolute plane), a real line f [subset] w (the absolute line) and two complex conjugate points [I.sub.1],[I.sub.2] [member of] f (the absolute points).