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Per operative findings--both conjoined twins presented as vertex and extracted as such with little difficulty of delivery of second head.
Upon delivery, the monster was a conjoined twin heifer calf with two heads, two necks and two trunk/ thorax with four forelimbs, joined together side by side laterally at rib-cage upto abdomen, followed by single umbilical cord, a lumbo-sacrum, a tail and a pair of hind limbs (Fig.
To deal with this situation this paper proposes that the two parts of a conjoined subject act as a single syntactic unit.
Conclusions: Accurate preoperative evaluation, respiratory and circulatory management, and close cooperation of the multidisciplinary team are important aspects of anesthetic management of conjoined twins surgery.
Although conjoined twins, especially thoracopagus type, are known to present several cardiac anomalies, a shared single four-chambered heart with triple-outlet left ventricle is a rare condition.
He said the birth of the conjoined twin girls was the first its kind in the county.
Laura, then aged 18, was the world's youngest mum of conjoined twins.
This week, a dramatic documentary will unveil the months of anguish and heartache their parents Angie and Azzedine endured from the moment the first scan revealed their babies were conjoined until the final moment of joy when doctors revealed the operation had been a success.
CONJOINED twins Hassan and Hussein Benhaffaf flew to London yesterday for separation surgery.
THE parents of conjoined twin boys took their babies home from hospital for the first time yesterday.
SALAH AL-DIN / Aswat al-Iraq: A team of surgeons at the Tikrit Teaching Hospital on Saturday separated conjoined twins fused at the thorax, diaphragm, heart and liver in a landmark operation considered the first ever in Iraq, a medic said.
Summary: Aziza and Saeeda Baali slept in seperate beds Saturday night for the first time in their short lives after a Saudi medical team successfully separated the conjoined Moroccan twins who shared several