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, pl.


(ko-nid'ē-ŭm, -ē-ă),
An asexual spore of fungi borne externally in various ways.
[Mod. L. dim. fr. G. konis, dust]
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a sexual SPORE found in certain fungi and borne on a conidiophore which is a specialized HYPHA.
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Notably, 6 h after conidium application, the number of conducting airway wall neutrophils in mice with immunosuppression and both types of neutrophil depletion was significantly lower than that in immunocompetent animals (Figure 4(d)).
We have also observed the events of conidium ingestion by neutrophils in the luminal side of conducting airway epithelium in immunocompetent mice.
While this increase in the immunocompetent mice 6 h after conidium application was significant compared to time 0, in mice with immunosuppression or neutropenia, the trend was strong, but not statistically significant.
After 24 h growth, a solitary grown conidium was identified.
The fungi were grown from the single conidium on Petri plates of 9 cm diameter.
A conidium was considered to have germinated if the germ tube was at least as long as the width of the conidium.
Characters/ Species T 1 aggressivum Habitat Soil Conidium length (pm) 3.1-3.8 Conidium width (pm) 2.8-3.1 Phialid length (pm) 4.3-5.9 Phialid width (pm) 2.4-3.1 Growth after 72h at 15[degrees]C (cm) 4.8 Growth after 72h at 20[degrees]C 6.2 Growth after 72h at 25[degrees]C 6.8 Growth after 72h at 30[degrees]C 7.5 Growth after 72h at 35[degrees]C 8.1 Growth after 72h at 40[degrees]C 7.5 Growth after 72h at 45[degrees]C 0.115 Mycelial growth at pH4.0 0.232 Mycelial growth at pH4.5 0.608 Mycelial growth at pH5.0 0.151 Mycelial growth at pH5.5 0.276 Mycelial growth at pH6.0 0.164 Mycelial growth at pH6.6 0.926 Mycelial growth at pH7.0 0.601 Mycelial growth at pH7.5 0.171 Characters/ Species T T.