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, pl.


(ko-nid'ē-ŭm, -ē-ă),
An asexual spore of fungi borne externally in various ways.
[Mod. L. dim. fr. G. konis, dust]
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a sexual SPORE found in certain fungi and borne on a conidiophore which is a specialized HYPHA.
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Eventually, Phialides sprout chains of conidiospores which germinate when nutrient is available to produce germ tube and vegetative hyphyae once again.
Conidiospores, coronate ascocarp, ascospores, 4-celled ascospores, 8-celled ascospores, transmission of endophyte from host to its offspring were observed under phase contrast and light microscopes.
Different types of spores namely conidiospores, and spore masses with Four celled and 8celled ascospores were also observed (Figure 8).
It was determined by microscopic examination that the number of conidiospores in the suspension significantly exceeds the number of other mycelium cells.
An antifungal compound produced by Bacillus subtilis YM 10-20 inhibits germination of Penicillium roqueforti conidiospores. J.
For successful pathogenesis, the entomopathogenic fungi ought to breach the outer integument of their hosts by non-specific and specific events between the conidiospores and the insect cuticle [19, 20].
Radiate conidial heads, presence of upright conidiophores (9.0 [micro]m in diameter) that terminated in globose (26.0 [micro]m) vesicle, with two layers of first sterigmata (7.9 X 3.0 [micro]m) and second sterigmata (5.5 X 2.2 [micro]m), with spherical conidiospores (3.0 [micro]m) on it (Fig.
subtilis YM 10-20 permeabilizes fungal spores and blocks germination of Penicillium roqueforti conidiospores (28).