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Relating to a conidium.
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However, the fact that a chemical product reduces the mycelial growth of an entomopathogenic fungus is not necessarily indicative of a significant reduction in conidial sporulation and germination (Zimmermann 1975).
Effects of physical and nutritional stress conditions during mycelial growth on conidial germination speed, adhesion to host cuticle, and virulence of Metarhizium anisopliae, an entomopathogenic fungus.
It is the same with report of Alternaria alternata on Chenopodium album, the fungus produced obclavate to obpyriform conidia with a short conical or cylindrical apical beak not exceeding one third of the conidial length, or beakless, smooth walled or verruculose, slightly constricted with 3-8 transverse septa, the lower part each portion had one or two longitudinal septa [17].
The conidial states of these species are morphologically very similar to that of A.
Ascomata and conidial heads developed throughout the culture.
The most common fungal pathogen application technique, spraying trees with conidial suspensions, can become cost prohibitive for multiple treatments of groves.
A lack of nutrients on sclerotized beetle cuticle can be a limiting factor in fungal growth and development, including conidial germination (Hunt et al.
Conidial suspensions were formulated in citroline (a mineral oil derived from petroleum for agricultural use in Mexico) by mixing 1 g of conidial powder in 100 mL with a magnetic stirrer.