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Therefore, the injection molding machine is modified using conically and hyperbolically shaped nozzles that generate elongational flow during the injection process.
Do we own the ocean horizontally (4 separate owners for each patch of ocean) or conically? These are all issues to be worked out by a private water-owning industry.
But the experts at MULTIVAC developed a perfect solution for this problem - in the form of a conically shaped vacuum pack with a fl at base.
We believe that our analysis reveals a possibility for detection of the coupling between the polarization and magnetization in conically shaped nanostructures, resulting from the quantum-size effect.
The product's features allow difficult machining tasks, such as drilling conically tapered holes and drum-shaped holes, as well as micro-precision machining of difficult-to-cut, hard or brittle materials.
These features enable difficult machining tasks such as conically tapered holes and holes tapering toward the centre.
Sufficiently high stresses at conically seated interface surfaces can lead to plastic deformation.
He explained the tumbler's structure details, saying it has a round bottom base and is conically shaped getting wider toward the top with an embossed beautiful face for a woman sculptured on it.
For a hundred years and more, gowns had been draped on the conically corseted body by a highly skilled "mantua-maker," (1) who draped, pleated, and pinned fabric to the customer standing before her in shift and stays.