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, conical (kon'ik, kon'i-kăl),
Resembling a cone.


/con·i·cal/ (kon´ĭ-k'l) cone-shaped.

conic, conical

See cone.
References in classic literature ?
The lower part is a conical mound, rising out of the naked plain; from the summit shoots up a shaft or column, about one hundred and twenty feet in height, from which it derives its name.
He skipped nimbly from one kilta to the next, making pretence to adjust each conical basket.
You can imagine my exultation, Watson, when within two inches of my peg I saw a conical depression in the ground.
Across its frozen surface, from the farther bank, a single hill rising against the western sun threw the long conical shadow which gave the lake its name.
They wear a conical hat termed a "nail-kag;" a coat of saddest black; a shirt which shows dirt so easily that it has to be changed every month, and is very troublesome; things called pantaloons, which are held up by shoulder straps, and on their feet they wear boots which are ridiculous in pattern and can stand no wear.
Several "waganga," recognizable by their badges of conical shellwork, came boldly forward.
the hybrid excrescences, with which the fancy of the architects had loaded it during the last two centuries, with all the apses of its chapels, all the gables of its galleries, a thousand weathercocks for the four winds, and its two lofty contiguous towers, whose conical roof, surrounded by battlements at its base, looked like those pointed caps which have their edges turned up.
Here and there the wooded hills rose like conical islands out of this woolly sea.
It was a conical canvas bag, the mouth of which was kept open by a huge loop of iron.
On that day the Philadelphia iron-forger then believed himself victorious, and could not evince contempt enough for his rival; but when the other afterward substituted for conical shot simple
The turbit has a very short and conical beak, with a line of reversed feathers down the breast; and it has the habit of continually expanding slightly the upper part of the oesophagus.
The country rises in successive steps of table-land, interspersed with some truncate conical hills, and the horizon is bounded by an irregular chain of more lofty mountains.