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, conical (kon'ik, kon'i-kăl),
Resembling a cone.
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Using Snyder (1993) as reference, the equations for the simple Conic with a single standard parallel c and standard longitude [[lambda].sub.0] are:
So, observing once more that consecutive conic sections share a common point, the third shaping equation is obtained from (5) at [[theta].sub.F] = [[theta].sub.Fn-1]:
The conic h(x, y) = [x.sup.2] + [cy.sup.2] -1 = 0, c [member of] R, is an invariant algebraic curve of system (1).
A general heptic hypersurface contains no C [member of] [M'.sub.d,g], 13 [less than or equal to] d [less than or equal to] 16, 1 [less than or equal to] g [less than or equal to] 3, with no line R [subset] [P.sup.5] with deg(R [intersection] C) [greater than or equal to] 7 and no conic D [subset] [P.sup.5] with deg(C [intersection] D) [greater than or equal to] 12.
The tangent conformal conic mappings have the following form [9-11]:
Geometric principles of the space oblique conic projection
Siegwerk's expectations that the pressure on raw material prices would relieve in early 2012 have unfortunately not conic true, and the company's leaders know by now that at least until the end of this calendar year, upward pressure will continue.
we want to earn your trust and respect, the rest should conic automatically," Ergun says.
Yep, it's actually that awesome," proclaims the magazines website, but right up front the editor also announces that "[a]ll good things must conic to an end": for "entirely personal" reasons--even though the publication was flourishing and growing--the last issue was published in 2011.
Philips LivingColours LED Lamp Conic (pounds 117 An amazing 16 million colours and shades are achievable from inside this stylish conical illuminator.
These high-pressure formed conic devices are used as a part of a brake to equip the weft feeders, which are the electromechanical systems located between the loom and the spool on which the weft is wrapped, on industrial weaving machines.
It is no wonder, as the impermeable PVC inverted conic structures installed on the causeway actually transmit the sun's heat through the material, acting as a hot air radiator.