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pertaining to or associated with congestion.
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Relating to congestion.
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adjective Referring to an abnormal accumulation of blood in tissue.
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adjective Referring to an abnormal accumulation of blood in tissue
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Relating to congestion.
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Q. What Is the Treatment for Congestive Heart Failure? My mother is 76 years ols and has been suffering from a heart disease for many years. Lately she has developed congestive heart failure. How is this situation treated?

A. In addition to everything else, she might try CoQ10, a supplement available at most nutrition stores.

"Congestive heart failure has been strongly correlated with significantly low blood and tissue levels of CoQ10 ....

[In numerous studies] treatment with CoQ10 significantly improved heart muscle function while producing no adverse effects or drug interactions."

Q. congestive heart failure how it works is it to do with fluid built up in your body

A. Congestive heart failure (CHF), or heart failure, is a condition in which the heart can't pump enough blood to the body's other organs. The "failing" heart keeps working but not as efficiently as it should. People with heart failure can't exert themselves because they become short of breath and tired.
As blood flow out of the heart slows, blood returning to the heart through the veins backs up, causing congestion in the tissues. Often swelling (edema) results. Most often there's swelling in the legs and ankles, but it can happen in other parts of the body, too. Sometimes fluid collects in the lungs and interferes with breathing, causing shortness of breath, especially when a person is lying down.
Heart failure also affects the kidneys' ability to dispose of sodium and water. The retained water increases the edema.

Q. describe the symptoms of congestive heart failure

A. From my own expierience, EM24 gave an accurate answer. My edema also affects my hands as well as ankles. I was given a Xopenex HFA inhaler to use if lungs are affected.

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According to the prior study, the average readability of,,,, and on the disease-specific topic of congestive heart failure was found to be above the recommended sixth-grade reading level.
"The question was, 'Would there be a difference between these two groups with respect to when they progressed to congestive heart failure?' says cardiologist Bruce Kornreich, DVM, Ph.D., at Cornell.
If a cat has progressed to congestive heart failure, veterinarians usually prescribe a diuretic to remove excess fluid from the lungs and other body tissues.
Editor's Note: Congestive heart failure occurs when the heart fails to pump in an efficient manner.
Mesoblast Chief Executive, Professor Silviu Itescu, said: "We are very pleased that the American Heart Association has selected our congestive heart failure trial of Revascor(TM) for presentation in the Special Reports session at their annual conference.
The working diagnosis was congestive cardiac failure in the presence of what was presumed to be a new murmur.
Actress Dame Elizabeth Taylor has been admitted to a Los Angeles hospital to treat symptoms from congestive heart failure, her spokeswoman has said.
ELIZABETH Taylor has been taken to hospital with congestive heart failure.
MOVIE legend Elizabeth Taylor has been taken to hospital in America with congestive heart failure.
About one-fourth of Most Wired facilities offer home telehealth management of diabetes, congestive heart failure and heart disease, compared with about 10 percent of all hospitals surveyed.
Congestive heart failure affects nearly 5,300,000 Americans and is the leading cause of hospital admissions for individuals over 65.

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