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Univariate logistic regression analysis indicated that delivery of an infant with congenital syphilis was significantly more likely among migrant women (OR = 4.9; CI = 1.7-17.7) and women who received a diagnosis of maternal syphilis after 36 weeks' gestational age (OR = 24.1; CI = 3.6-[greater than or equal to] 1,000.0) (Table 1).
Congenital syphilis: trends in mortality and morbidity in the United States, 1999 through 2013.
Clinical manifestations of late congenital syphilis include perioral fissures (rhagades), saddle nose deformity, frontal bossing, Hutchinson's triad (peg-shaped, notched, widely spaced permanent upper central incisors; interstitial keratitis; and the eighth cranial nerve deafness), multicusped first molars (mulberry molars), mental retardation, perforation of the hard palate, prognathism, painless effusion of knees (Clutton joints), thickening of sternoclavicular joint (Higoumenakis sign), scaphoid scapula, and anterior bowing of shins (saber shins) [5, 7, 9, 12].
Although the treatment of congenital syphilis is simple and effective, it is still an important health problem today.
The baby did not have any signs or symptoms of congenital syphilis, and his serum RPR and TPHA titers were 1:1 and 1:640, respectively (Table).
(1-5) Other important transmission pathways include the intra-uterus (transplacentary) route during labor, (1,4) which causes congenital syphilis.
Universal prenatal syphilis screening is recommended as one facet in the strategy for the elimination of congenital syphilis, (3) however there is limited literature on maternal characteristics associated with poor compliance with prenatal syphilis testing.
The secondary form is associated with systemic diseases, typically perinatal infections including congenital syphilis, rubella, toxoplasma, cytomegalovirus (CMV), HIV-1 and hepatitis B.
Mother to child transmission in pregnancy is associated with fetal growth restriction, fetal hydrops, congenital syphilis, stillbirth, preterm birth and neonatal death.

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