congenital lymphedema

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chronic swelling of a part due to accumulation of interstitial fluid (edema) secondary to obstruction of lymphatic vessels or lymph nodes.
congenital lymphedema Milroy disease.
primary lymphedema lymphedema that appears spontaneously without known cause. See table.
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he·red·i·tar·y lymph·e·de·ma

permanent pitting edema usually confined to the legs; autosomal dominant inheritance; type I, congenital [MIM*153100], caused by mutation in the FMS-like tyrosine kinase 4 gene (FLT4) on 5q.
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congenital lymphedema

Chronic pitting edema of the lower extremities. Synonym: Milroy disease
See also: lymphedema
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The diagnosis of congenital lymphedema is still a challenge.
Clinical diagnosis of primary congenital lymphedema was confirmed.
This study describes a new option in the treatment of primary congenital lymphedema using Cervical Lymphatic Therapy (cervical stimulation) as monotherapy to reduce edema; prophylactic care against injuries and infection is required always.
A major feature of the portal is the MOFA-produced short 'A Perfect Pair' about 13-year-old Nguyen Thi Loan from Vietnam and her battle to overcome congenital lymphedema. Shot on location and subtitled in Chinese, English, French, Spanish and German, the film shows how Loan is writing a new chapter in her life through the support of Taiwan and its world-class doctors and medical technology.

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