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The proforma/questionnaire for history taking included detailed information regarding type of congenital defect and associated defects, subtype of defect, history of consanguineous relationship between the parents and degree of consanguinity.
Progressive vaccinia occurs among those who are immunosuppressed because of a congenital defect, malignancy, radiation therapy, or AIDS.
Summary: Sharjah Police are searching for parents who abandoned baby with congenital defect
An omphalocele is a congenital defect of body wall in which the amnion rather than skin covers the eviscerated abdominal organs (Baird, 1993).
Abdul Waheed told here Monday that a hospital of Sialkot had referred Muhammad Tabeeb, who was suffering from a rare congenital defect of left main coronary artery of his heart, to the PIC, Lahore.
Christopher Richardson, 22, from Walker in Newcastle, was born with a congenital defect which meant his heart and lungs would eventually fail.
Annular pancreas is a congenital defect, which means it is present from birth.
Her mother Diane, 42, has the same congenital defect and Kasia's aunt died in a similar attack but the girl had not been diagnosed with it.
Gastrochisis repair is surgery that corrects a congenital defect in which all or part of the small intestine and other internal organs protrude outside of the abdomen.
Milagros was born with a rare congenital defect known as sirenomelia, or "mermaid syndrome", which occurs in one out of every 70,000 births.
Still, 1 in 15 pregnancies in diabetic women results in some type of congenital defect as compared with 1 in 40 among other women.
He was born with the rare congenital defect ectopia cordis, which occurs in five in every million births.

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