confrontation test

con·fron·ta·tion test

(kon'frŭn-tā'shŭn test)
A rough assessment of the visual fields in which the examiner and subject look into one another's eyes while objects are brought into view from each side, above, and below.
Synonym(s): visual confrontation.
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two-part confrontation test and the test's rejection in Crawford in
It was also claimed that he did not conduct an appropriate visual field test such as the confrontation test, and that he did not take account of the patient's myopia, gender and a nasal visual field defect.
Driving instructors can carry out VA and VF tests by confrontation test at the same time.
Perform a thorough and careful examination including a full history, ocular examination, confrontation test, RAPD evaluation and formal perimetry.
I am basically looking to try and take along small pieces of equipment with me such as confrontation tests, cross cyls and the like/'said Neil Drain, who will make the trip during June 5-13.