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1. A mold, usually of plastic material, used in surgical repair to maintain volume in a cavity or to prevent closing of a reconstructed artificial or natural space.
2. a prion protein conformation; abnormal configuration of abnormal prion protein (that is, conformers) can induce change in the secondary and tertiary structure of normal prion protein to generate additional amounts of the abnormal protein.
[L. conformo, to fashion]


A mould placed in a cavity to preserve its shape and prevent shrinkage.
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The second part of the aggregation model describes a technique to package courses for reusability on conformant learning management systems.
2 conformant courses for a total of 215 classroom equivalent hours.
At first, the content authoring vendor indicated the course was not conformant due to errors in the intra-SCO navigation code.
2 packaging files and SCORM conformant SCOs that communicate with the LMS.
Today it is possible to create conformant web-based content that will run on an LMS that recognizes the current SCORM standard.
2 courses that run on a conformant LMS, partially fulfilling the vision of the ADL.
COPENHAGEN, Denmark & DALLAS -- Hymite, a manufacturer of silicon-based packaging products for MEMS and electronic devices, today announced the availability of HyCap(R) S -QFN/SON, a product that offers a smaller, hermetic MEMS and IC package that is conformant with standard QFN/SON package specifications for high-volume system-in-package (SiP) applications.

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