confocal microscopy

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confocal microscopy

Microscopy that permits high-resolution analysis of serial optical sections (microscopic tomograms) into the depths of tissues or cells.
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examination with a microscope.

confocal microscopy
a technique for obtaining high resolution images and 3-D reconstructions of biological specimens; a laser light beam is expanded to make optimal use of the optics in the objective lens and is turned into a scanning beam via an x-y deflection mechanism and is focused to a small spot by the objective lens onto a fluorescent specimen. The mixture of reflected light and emitted fluorescent light is captured by the same objective and after conversion into a static beam by the x-y scanner device is focused onto a photodetector (photomultiplier) via a dichroic mirror (beam splitter) to create the final image. Called also laser scanning microscopy; confocal scanning laser microscopy.
immunoelectron microscopy
the mixing of antibody with an antigen such as a virus on a specimen grid so as to increase the probability of visualizing a virus and to identify (type) the kind of virus present in the specimen, or antibody may be conjugated with gold and used to visualize and determine the location of specific antigenic determinants on a specimen.
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also highlighted the importance of sample preparation and studying biological processes in their unperturbed environment, as sample fixation and confocal microscopy led to misinterpretation of the observed structure.
Morphology of corneal nerves using confocal microscopy.
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Fluorescence confocal microscopy can be used to analyze the metabolic behavior of cells, which is known to change in cancer.
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When all the cells were fixed, the coverslips were mounted onto glass slides with Fluor Save mounting media and examined with confocal microscopy.
Br Mark Brickley, Director of the group said, "We like the simplicity that the FV300 brings to confocal microscopy, and its versatility mea ns that we can incorporate existing components thus reducing the investment we needed to make" He continued, "We are looking at the 3B morphological changes to alga[ chloroplasts and mitochondria under different abiotic stresses.
WASHINGTON -- Corneal confocal microscopy can noninvasively reveal neuropathy early in diabetes and help in monitoring treatment response, speakers said at the annual scientific sessions of the American Diabetes Association.
WASHINGTON -- Corneal confocal microscopy provides a means for noninvasively diagnosing neuropathy early on in diabetic patients and for following the course of the disease during treatment, several speakers said at the annual scientific sessions of the American Diabetes Association.
These oscillations were tracked by laser scanning confocal microscopy.
Images of the Cx43 GJs and ZO-1 in treated and control cultures were collected by confocal microscopy and quantitatively analyzed.