conflict of interests

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con·flict of in·ter·ests

(kon'flik in'tĕr-ĕsts)
A conflict between the personal interests and professional responsibilities of a health care provider toward a patient or other consumer.
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It is also important to clarify that a conflict of interests may or not be perceived as such by the involved person.
Another study (11) reported that authors' conflict of interests was significantly associated with positive trial outcomes in industry-supported clinical trials in psychiatry.
Indeed, some professional associations have issued statements according to which failure to disclose a financial conflict of interests may constitute grounds for disciplinary action (20).
In the context of Canadian municipal politics, a conflict of interest is the clash of a private interest with a public duty.
16) It follows that if city politics matter, so do generally municipal ethics and more specifically, conflict of interest.
Typically, municipal conflict of interest statutes do not declare "conflict of interest" an offense.
On a basic level, conflict of interest deals with perceived or actual bias.
Properly disclosing and managing conflict of interest goes a long way to dispelling perceived bias in research.
Conflict of interest may concern individual or institutional financial interest, collaborations, commitments and relationships, and can broadly be defined as:

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