conflict of interests

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con·flict of in·ter·ests

(kon'flik in'tĕr-ĕsts)
A conflict between the personal interests and professional responsibilities of a health care provider toward a patient or other consumer.
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He also pointed out that Syazlin would know better if there was a conflict of interest between the three parties she was representing.
He said the authorities or public representatives should disclose instances of conflict of interests or relationships, which was considered as an ethical matter all this while and not a legal violation, since there was no laws to act on.
The Natural Gas Public Company (DEFA) said on Tuesday the board had examined claims of a conflict of interest following media reports but had unanimously found that no member of the board of Directors had knowledge of any such conflict.
He announced that the only decision that had not been appealed pointed to a case of conflict of interest involving Eli Petrova, Director of the Bozhentsi architectural reserve near Gabrovo, who would be removed from office.
The expression "conflict of interests" is not used in this case.
However, he is barking up the wrong tree when he suggests that conflict of interest was present in my study of perceived treatment efficacy for therapies for multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) (Gibson et al.
Suspicions of conflict of interests stem from deals concluded with the notorious municipal company "Sofiyski Imoti" (Sofia Properties).
Penchev had failed to list his shares in a private business in his conflict of interests declaration, according to RZS leader, Yane Yanev.
Borisov, speaking in an interview for BNT Thursday, added that the only thing that has been agreed with Brussels is to check whether there has been a conflict of interests under its various interpretations in the Jeleva case.

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