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adj pertaining to information that is only shared with those directly responsible for patient care.
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I am writing to you as confidentially as if we were old friends
Tell me, when I was up-stairs, this fellow Hamel - was he talking confidentially to Gerald?
I plied them well with wine; and being a privileged character, followed the unpopular dishes round the table, and whispered to the company confidentially, "Please to change your mind and try it; for I know it will do you good.
Threadgall at the time, plying her confidentially with a glass of hock.
He approached, on his side, confidentially, but not too markedly so.
He lowered his husky voice confidentially before the unmoved Chief Inspector.
Well, but you ARE Wenus, you know,' said Mr Dennis, confidentially.
Global companies, called InnoCentive Seekers, are able to confidentially post their tough R&D problems on the InnoCentive Web site, www.
InnoCentive is the only online, incentive-based community that fosters scientific innovation by enabling global corporations, known as Seekers, to confidentially find solutions to difficult research and development (R&D) challenges.
5 million global Internet users who have given comScore explicit permission to confidentially capture their Web-wide browsing, buying and transaction behavior (including offline purchasing), and who have agreed to receive online surveys.
comScore provides a confidentially captured, 360-degree view of the surfing behavior of more than 1.