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adj pertaining to information that is only shared with those directly responsible for patient care.
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TSCA [section]14(g)(4)(C) indicates that any confidential chemical identities in such disclosures must be replaced by UI's.
6 passed a resolution declaring 'that as a matter of policy, the en banc will not request for a budget for confidential or intelligence funds.
In levying the fine on Goldman Sachs, the Board found that the firm's personnel improperly used confidential supervisory information of the Board in presentations to its clients and prospective clients in an effort to solicit business for the firm.
If the company has a policy that prohibits employees from emailing confidential information to a personal device or email account but supervisors routinely allow or ignore the practice, the company has very little hope of safeguarding its confidential information.
When submitting a document through the portal, the filer must choose one of two options: the document does not contain confidential or sensitive information or the document does contain confidential or sensitive information.
The survey results clearly showed there is a generational gap in attitudes toward handling confidential files in the workplace, and business leaders need to be aware of those changing attitudes, said Dale Quayle, chief executive officer of FileTrek.
About 68 percent of employees age 18 to 34, and 50 percent of employees 55 and older, said it was acceptable to remove confidential data from the office.
In 2002, Profit Confidential started advising its readers to buy gold-related investments when gold traded under $300.
The Macedonian Foreign Ministry officials unofficially said Monday they were not expected to comment on the revelation of the confidential documents.
Employees should be required to sign a confidentiality agreement, preventing them from using or disclosing confidential information and requiring them to return all confidential information and company property before they leave.
In addition to generating zero emissions(1) on the processing of ordinary and confidential wastepaper from Fujitsu offices, the new system will reduce overall wastepaper processing costs, utilize an efficient collection system to reduce the burden on the environment, and implement standards for handling of confidential wastepaper to reduce security risks.
3 : trusted with secret matters <a confidential assistant>

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