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adj pertaining to information that is only shared with those directly responsible for patient care.
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The confidential Ivan opened the door and ushered in Commandant Neil O'Brien, whom he had found at last pacing the garden again.
Both of these worthy gentlemen were most anxious to have news of the invalid from her little confidential messenger.
said the Dean, in a more confidential tone, and slightly glancing around him, 'I would not say so, generally.
So, I have openly given you to understand that--' Mr Boffin sought for a new turn of speech, but could find none so expressive as his former one, repeated in a confidential tone, '--that it won't do.
The AICPA has written to Treasury on the confidential transactions category contained in TD 9046 (2/27/03)--the firm regulations involving disclosure (Sec.
Issuing a revenue procedure to carve out specific types of non-disclosure agreements from the confidential transaction category of the reportable transaction regulations.
It notes that courts have held in a number of different contexts that newsletters are afforded a privilege against forced disclosure of confidential sources.
The Plaza[TM] Confidential Document Container has a 50-gallon capacity, and its aesthetic design permits it to be placed in any public area.
While no confidential client records were infiltrated, Cheley alone allegedly accessed more than 20,000 Near North e-mails by scanning for messages marked "important, confidential and urgent," Near North said.
Don't leave confidential information on your desk when you are absent from your office--even for a short time.
The committee's investigation has been prompted by the leaking of a confidential education committee report on higher education which found its way to the sector's main lobbying body before official publication, as well as other disclosures from confidential committee proceedings.
A self-employed physician can provide confidential information to outside sources or hospitals just as an employed physician can.

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