confidence level

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relative position, rank, or concentration.
l's of care the six divisions of the health care system: preventive care, primary care, secondary or acute care, tertiary care, restorative care, and continuing care.
background level the usual intensity of a chemical or other stimulus in the environment.
confidence level the probability that a confidence interval does not contain the population parameter.
l's of consciousness see levels of consciousness.
lowest observed adverse effect level (LOAEL) (lowest observed effect level (LOEL)) in studies of the toxicity of chemicals, the lowest dosage level at which chronic exposure to the substance shows adverse effects; usually calculated for laboratory animals.
no observed adverse effect level (NOAEL) (no observed effect level (NOEL)) in studies of the toxicity of chemicals, the highest dosage level at which chronic exposure to the substance shows no adverse effects; usually calculated for laboratory animals.
level of significance a statistical measure that serves as the cutoff point used to determine whether a null hypothesis is retained or rejected; the probability of incorrectly rejecting the null hypothesis (see Type I error).
sterility assurance level (SAL) the probability that a process makes something sterile (see sterilization). An SAL of 10−6 is the recommended probability of survival for organisms on a sterilized device. This level means that there is less than or equal to one chance in a million that an item remains contaminated or nonsterile.

confidence level

The probability associated with a confidence interval, and stated as a part of that interval.


degree of assurance.

confidence interval
a range of values about a sample statistic that has a specified probability of including the true value of the statistic.
confidence level
1 minus the type 1 error; the probability that the trial under consideration will show no significant difference when there is in fact no significant difference between the treatments.
confidence limits
the highest and lowest values in a confidence interval.
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96 (degree of freedom = [infinity]) is used from student t-distribution table for 95% confidence level to calculate expanded uncertainty.
For instance, the confidence level for the services sector in October- December period was 64.
In order to determine if the PDA would be an effective tool to assist nursing students at the point-of-care, we initiated a project to evaluate students' perceptions of comfort and confidence levels related to use of a PDA, investigate students' perceptions of the effect that a PDA had on their ability to make clinical decisions as patient needs changed and determine the amount of time spent finding information on a PDA versus a drug reference book.
The 60 percent confidence level would be the smallest simulated total loss with 60 percent, or six out of ten, of the total loss simulations less than or equal to it.
5 in the July- September quarter, a remarkable rise from the previous quarter's confidence level of 56.
Although respondents are confident investing domestically, the survey shows investors remain cautious regarding confidence in their home government's ability to enact policies that support investments in the coming year, with an average confidence level of 2.
Summary: DUBAI -- Gulf businesses are beating the global trend with positive profit and revenue growth and confidence levels to match, a new business confidence index reveals.
QuadMerge(TM) Value also features an automated valuation sourced from FNIS' proprietary ValueSure(TM) AVM, in conjunction with a confidence level score indicating the quantity and quality of data used to render the property value.
The results of the TIMSS study did not surprise her, she says, because by the time girls reach high school, their confidence level in these subjects wanes.
18 SCIENCE, that a larger network of about 30 arrays in the USSR would be needed in order to detect--with a 90 percent confidence level over 90 percent of the USSR--a magnitude 2.
In the July- September quarter, the confidence level had dipped to its lowest ( 48.