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an act of seeking expiation through another from guilt for a real or imagined transgression.


n in spiritual and psy-chological practice, a process of acknowledging, repenting, and seeking forgiveness for mistakes.

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Q. How can I confess to my girlfriend that I am bipolar? Not that it really matters, since I cannot attract a woman to save my life, but I was wondering if there is ever a good time to say, "Hey, I am bipolar" and anticipate the reaction. As a bipolar man who is looking for some love and sex, how should I handle the topic, if at all?

A. Thanks JennJ. I think you're right about the group mentality. Thanks.

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One of the many criticisms fired at the Egyptian Security forces is the arrest of individuals without any legal reference and then showing them in videos confessing to crimes and acts of terror.
But only telling part of the truth, as opposed to not confessing at all, was more likely to lead to increased feelings of guilt, shame and anxiety, the research found.
The German Christian movement, as it ironically came to be called, and its opponents, who eventually came to be known as the Confessing Church, were realities by the end of 1933, and the Kirchenkampf, or church struggle, had begun.
So, too, if you come to Jesus Christ confessing your sins, He will forgive you and strengthen you to become the person you were meant to be.
I think confessing cld wreck ur rel'shp - n i doubt she'll want 2 join u
Marque Clark, 31, was arrested Monday night after failing a lie detector test and confessing to the rape, said Capt.
In Graham Greene's novel, The Power and the Glory, the alcoholic hero-priest dies confessing that to be a saint is all that matters.
Since time immemorial Catholics have been told it is a sacrilege to receive the Eucharist without first confessing any serious (mortal) sin they may have committed.
Though both a convenience-oriented society and a lack of cultural predisposition play a role in diminishing participation in Reconciliation, the most common reason Catholics say they don't participate is that they feel uncomfortable confessing their sins to a priest.
This imagery is made explicit (presented as an actual elevator-into--confessional transition) in a scene in Le Confessionnal in which the pregnant 16-year-old Rachel tells Lepage's young Montgomery Cliff-like priest that her sin (a contemplation of suicide) is "too horrible to forgive" and he replies that she is not confessing to him but rather to God.
A BBC reporter - who spent six months undercover with the BNP - recorded another of the group's members, Steve Barkham, confessing to taking part in an attack on an Asian man.
Logan narrates his own story with straightforward honesty and self-deprecating humor, confessing that "I been a drinkin' man and a sinner .