cone dystrophy

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cone dys·tro·phy

a retinal abnormality in which color perception is severely deficient and typical changes occur in electroretinogram. See: achromatopsia.
Synonym(s): cone degeneration
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The differential diagnosis includes Stargardt disease, cone dystrophy, enhanced S-cone syndrome, pericentral retinitis pigmentosa, syphilitic placoid chorioretinitis, acute zonal occult outer retinopathy (AZOOR), posterior scleritis, traumatic retinopathy (commotio retinae), posterior uveitis, hydroxychloroquine toxicity, and autoimmune retinopathy [18-22].
Full field electroretinography (ffERG) showed a pattern consistent with cone dystrophy for cases 1 and 3 (Supplementary Figure 1).
Variant lists generated for each proband were first screened for rare variants (<1% minor allele frequency) in 52 genes related to pattern dystrophy, macular dystrophy, cone dystrophy, cone-rod dystrophy, rod-cone dystrophy, and cone photoreceptor development and function, including cone opsin genes (Supplementary Table 1).
PCD may be a nonspecific rare presentation of cone dystrophy, and this is supported by pathogenic variants associated with macular dystrophy in all patients without a consensus candidate gene among them.
An environmental agent or pathogen may create an autoimmune response against short wavelength (S-cone) photoreceptors modulated by a pathogenic variant in cone dystrophy genes like RP1L1.
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It wasn't until 1996, when Dean's eyesight got worse, that rod and cone dystrophy was diagnosed.