condyle of humerus

con·dyle of hu·mer·us

the distal end of the humerus, including the trochlea, capitulum and the olecranon, coronoid and radial fossae.
Synonym(s): condylus humeri [TA]
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The differential diagnosis of right elbow injury included fractures of the supracondylar area, medial condyle or lateral condyle of humerus, elbow dislocation, Monteggia or Monteggia variant fracture dislocation.
The distance between the medial and lateral condyle of humerus on the left side was 56.
The fractures were classified using the Jacob classification for fracture of lateral condyle of humerus.
Shimada et al [16] had successfully treated the nonunion lateral condyle of humerus presenting at an average period of five years after the injury, average age of the patients in his study was nine years.
CONCLUSION: The authors conclude that nonunion fracture lateral condyle of humerus in children can be successfully treated even if neglected for a period up to eight weeks after the initial injury.