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The AV node is a structure with two conduction pathways and has the capability of supporting either brief or sustained episodes of re-entrant conduction.
When normal rhythms are present, Lead II is useful for identifying the onset of altered conduction pathways. Suggested patterns of conduction exist to differentiate wide QRS rhythms that originate in ventricular cells from those that identify bundle branch conduction deficits.
The impact appears to interrupt the electrical conduction pathways, leading to arrhythmias (irregularities in the pattern of the heart's beating.
The Wave V latency difference may originate from the difference between the energy conversion principles of these two conduction pathways; the air-conduction stimulus affects the mechanisms of the outer and middle ear on its pathway, whereas bone-conduction stimulus reaches the cochlea through different structures [15].
In hydatid cysts located in the interventricular septum, disturbances of rhythm and hemodynamics, atrioventricular block due to compression on conduction pathways, and right or left ventricular outlet tract obstruction may be seen.
While steroid therapy may halt progressive infiltration of the myocardium and conduction pathways, premorbid damage is not reversed.