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1. Subject to or dependent on a condition or conditions.
2. Physically fit.
3. Prepared for a specific action or process.
4. Psychology Exhibiting or trained to exhibit a conditioned response.
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Patient discussion about conditioned

Q. What are the other conditions with the symptoms similar to fibromyalgia?

A. Other conditions with similar symptoms include polymyalgia rheumatica, myofascial pain syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, hypothyroidism, lupus, sarcoidosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Q. On stopping the medicines his insomnia like condition starts hi all………………my dad is bipolar II and he was on lithium and clonazepam which had put his mania under control, but he sleeps a lot, as he finds his sleep refreshing him; which is due to medicine. On stopping the medicines his insomnia like condition starts and so now he takes his doses in excess to sleep…..we were told not to stop on these medicines……is it all right?

A. I agree with the others it is very dangerous to start and stop medications. One has to be weined off Lithium slowly. If your dad is finding that his current doses are not working properly he should be discussing it with his doctor whom will tweak his dosages or change his medications. It is so important to take medications as perscribed. Clonezepam can be addictive so it should be taken exactly as perscribed and monitored. There are other medications in the "pam" family that he can be changed to if the Clonezepam is no longer effective, rather than taking more.
The insomnia syptoms are signs of mania which will happen when he stops taking his medications. If you stop taking medications that are controlling bipolar symptoms the only logical outcome is the return of the bipolar symptoms. I would have him visit his doctor and discuss changing or increasing his doseages if he is finding they are not working effectivly anymore.

Q. What shall I include in my diet to cover the anemic condition and is anemia increases with pregnancy? Hi all. I am in my second week of pregnancy. I am anemic and prefer to have vegetarian diet. What shall I include in my diet to cover the anemic condition and is anemia increases with pregnancy?

A. Agree with Maverick's answer above..

Anemia in pregnancy is a very common problem, that's why during your antenatal care, usually your OB-GYn doctor or medical professional will give you iron tablet for supplements.

Unless your anemia is severe, it is unlikely to harm your baby. But iron deficiency has been linked to an increased risk of preterm birth and low birthweight. Anemia can also make you feel more tired than usual during your pregnancy.

You can help lower your risk of anemia by eating foods that contain iron during your entire pregnancy. These foods include:

Poultry (dark meat), Dried fruits (apricots, prunes, figs, raisins, dates), Iron-fortified cereals, breads and pastas, Oatmeal, Whole grains, Blackstrap molasses, Liver and other meats, Seafood, Spinach, broccoli, kale and other dark green leafy vegetables, Baked potato with skin, Beans and peas, Nuts and seeds, etc.

Also some fruit that rich in Vitamin C because vitamin C can increase the amount of iron yo

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Thus, a disciplined approach to firearms training ensures that officers assess the suspect's actions prior to employing the conditioned response.
CMTBE-15 conditioned diaphragms come close to the Fuel C control
Ader found to his surprise that, after a period of training, animals that had been conditioned with saccharine and cyclophosphamide over several test periods actually showed immunosuppression even in the absence of the cyclophosphamide treatment when given saccharine alone.
To see whether a placebo could elicit a conditioned response from the mice, Ader followed the sweet drink in the third group with injections of cyclophosphamide or saline in a random pattern such that each mouse got two doses of the active drug in a month.
One can pour a gallon of water onto a dry heap of sand and correctly state that the resulting combination is now at 3% moisture, but this doesn't take into account how well the sand has been conditioned. Conditioning refers to how well the ingredients have been mixed, how evenly the clay has been hydrated and "smeared" onto the sand grains, and how "fluffy" and moldable the sand actually is.
A number of problems can arise if the wax isn't properly conditioned prior to injection.
Approval of this application also is specifically conditioned on compliance by Bank and its parents with the commitments made in connection with this application and with the conditions in this order.

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