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(kŏn′dĭ-mĕnt) [L. condire, to pickle]
An appetizing ingredient added to food.


Aromatic: vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, chervil, parsley, bay leaf. Acrid or peppery: pepper, ginger, tabasco, all-spice. Alliaceous or allylic: onion, mustard, horseradish. Acid: vinegar, capers, gherkins, citron. Animal origin: caviar, anchovies. Miscellaneous: salt, sugar, truffles.

In general, with the exception of sugar, condiments have little nutritional value. They are appetizers, stimulating the secretion of saliva and intestinal juices.

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Malteen Condiment Essence is labelled as "pure acetic acid" and is corrosive until diluted.
This week, Byam Trotter of Trotter's Independent Condiments suggests a quick and tasty supper suggestion of Mostarda Pork Chops.
Sauce and condiment market size by product segment, 2008-2019
Gonzo's Uncommon Condiment title remain incorporated in the eyes of the Secretary of State's office.
Al Thani wants to change the perception that the condiment is smelly or bitter in taste.
These traditional styles of mustards are great as a condiment with a multitude of dishes, but can also be used to transform sauces, gravies, dressings, marinades and crusts to provide subtle nuances and that famous depth of flavour that French cuisine was built on.
The Condiment Bottle Sample Pack includes a 9oz Aspen Oblong, a 9oz Clark Oblong and a 12oz Clark Oblong.
Condiment dishes were a big thing in Victorian times and were often designed to make people laugh.
Hot pots are generally served with condiments, such as fresh soy sprouts, chilies, or fresh herbs, so your dishes will require room to stir.
50), by the way, provides one more condiment option.
The trick is figuring out how to get the most condiment for the least fat or salt.
You are more likely to pop into M&S for o ready meal and are much less likely to stop and pick up a sauce or condiment," says TNS market analyst Tom Berry.