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(kŏn′dĭ-mĕnt) [L. condire, to pickle]
An appetizing ingredient added to food.


Aromatic: vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, chervil, parsley, bay leaf. Acrid or peppery: pepper, ginger, tabasco, all-spice. Alliaceous or allylic: onion, mustard, horseradish. Acid: vinegar, capers, gherkins, citron. Animal origin: caviar, anchovies. Miscellaneous: salt, sugar, truffles.

In general, with the exception of sugar, condiments have little nutritional value. They are appetizers, stimulating the secretion of saliva and intestinal juices.

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* Some 15 percent of Mexican food eaters like hot sauce as a condiment on their Mexican food.
On a sunnier note, Mintel reports that private label performance in the condiment category is relatively strong.
Manufacturers can create individual taste profiles by using the compounds with different condiments - for example, tomato ketchup or curry sauce, Dijon mustard or English mustard.
Beyond the basics, however, retail trading partners are growing more creative when it comes to condiment offerings, hoping to further tempt the taste buds of shoppers already primed by TV cooking shows featuring zesty ingredients, and their out-of-home exposure to the complex flavors of various ethnic cuisines, with better-known brands leading the charge.
However, by being selective and not just carrying everything on the market, you will gain customer trust, keep the shelves streamlined, and be better able to discuss each and every condiment in the store.
The olive category typically generates more true profit per square foot than other condiment categories, so optimizing profit and sales through expansion is a must, he insists.
Made from all freshly cut ingredients such as coriander, chillies, garlic, Terra Rossa herb mixes and its Jordanian first cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, this condiment is traditionally enjoyed by mixing a little Zhoug with olive oil and eaten with fresh bread as an aperitif.
Drive the men customers in your store wild with a Father's Day Promotion that features liquor-based condiments, grill accessories, and the chance to win the keys to a luxury sports car for a weekend.
Soy sauce is the most important condiment in China with output volume exceeding 9 million tons.
Nothing dresses up a meal like a great sauce, relish or another favorite condiment. The current market for condiments is not what it could be, however.
Making its shoppers aware of what's available also figures prominently in PCC's spice and condiment game plan.
MustKetch is a new condiment category combining a special mustard and ketchup recipe -- along with an array of spices and natural flavors -- to create three unique taste experiences, with more on the way.