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(kŏn′dĭ-mĕnt) [L. condire, to pickle]
An appetizing ingredient added to food.


Aromatic: vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, chervil, parsley, bay leaf. Acrid or peppery: pepper, ginger, tabasco, all-spice. Alliaceous or allylic: onion, mustard, horseradish. Acid: vinegar, capers, gherkins, citron. Animal origin: caviar, anchovies. Miscellaneous: salt, sugar, truffles.

In general, with the exception of sugar, condiments have little nutritional value. They are appetizers, stimulating the secretion of saliva and intestinal juices.

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In addition to being merchandised in the condiment aisle, Jensen's Kitchen Kettle Cooked Peppers and Onions can also be cross-merchandised in the meat department at the sausage set.
The downstream of condiment industry includes catering industry, household consumption and food processing industry.
Zest is in short supply in the condiment and salad dressing sector.
No, it's not just you: It's definitely getting hotter in supermarket condiment sections.
This week, Byam Trotter of Trotter's Independent Condiments suggests a quick and tasty supper suggestion of Mostarda Pork Chops.
Sauce and condiment market size by product segment, 2008-2019
The Condiment Bottle Sample Pack includes a 9oz Aspen Oblong, a 9oz Clark Oblong and a 12oz Clark Oblong.
manufacturers of condiments and vinegars, has announced the purchase of the Gourmet and Specialty Division of Imperial Brands Inc.
Pho condiment plates include large servings of bean sprouts, lime slices, Asian basil, fresh chilies, and shredded lettuce.
Hot trends in the condiment category are no longer a simple matter of finding out the best accompaniment to a meal, but rather how these products become ingredients.
Salsa fans flocked Saturday to the 11th annual Oxnard Salsa Festival, where more than 40,000 people were expected to attend the event dedicated to all things salsa: the condiment, the music and the dance.