condensing osteitis

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inflammation of bone, often with enlargement, tenderness, and a dull, aching pain.
alveolar osteitis dry socket.
condensing osteitis osteitis with hard deposits of earthy salts in affected bone.
osteitis defor´mans rarefying osteitis of unknown cause resulting in deformed bones of increased mass leading to bowing of the long bones and deformation of the flat bones. See also paget's disease.
osteitis fibro´sa cys´tica rarefying osteitis with fibrous degeneration and the formation of cysts and the presence of fibrous nodules on the affected bones, due to osteoclastic activity secondary to hyperparathyroidism. If a tumor of the parathyroid gland is the cause of the hyperparathyroidism, treatment includes removal of the tumor. When the disease is generalized, all the bones are affected (von recklinghausen's disease). Orthopedic surgery may be necessary to correct severe bone deformities.
osteitis fragi´litans osteogenesis imperfecta.
osteitis fungo´sa chronic osteitis in which the haversian canals are dilated and filled with granulation tissue.
rarefying osteitis a bone disease in which the inorganic matter is diminished and the hard bone becomes cancellated.
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scle·ros·ing os·te·i·tis

fusiform thickening or increased density of bones, of unknown cause; it has been considered a form of chronic nonsuppurative osteomyelitis.
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condensing osteitis

1. Osteitis in which the marrow cavity becomes filled with osseous tissue, causing the bone to become denser and heavier. Synonym: sclerosing osteitis
2. A form of osteomyelitis, esp. noted in dentistry.
See also: osteitis
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Figure-4: Plain film radiograph and Computed tomography scanning demonstrating regression of the condensing osteitis. There is an inferior spur, joint space narrowing, vacuum phenomenonen in the joint space as a sequela.
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