condensed food

condensed food,

n 1. a concentration of food stuffs, usually involving the removal of water.
2. in Tibetan medicine, mineral and herbal formulations used to treat specific diseases. Based on traditions carried throughout the Badmaev family lineage for more than 100 years, each formula is given a numerical designation and comprises a multitude of mineral and/or herbal components.
References in classic literature ?
They had taken plenty of condensed food with them, and they did not suffer in this respect.
In 1789, Scotsman Alexander Mackenzie mapped out his journey along the river that would one day bear his name, planning to bring along fellow fur traders, indigenous guides and plenty of pemmican, a condensed food composed of protein, fat and dried fruit.
JUST ADD WATER AND STIR TO USE INSTANT CHEESES--Instant cheddar and blue cheeses (add water and stir) will soon be on the grocer's shelf, adding to the growing list of compressed and condensed foods turned out by science.