concurrent review

con·cur·rent re·view

(kŏn-kŭrĕnt rĕ-vyū)
Required examination of tests and procedures conducted while the patient is still in the hospital.
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Quantitative studies were removed for a separate, concurrent review. Herbal medicines were the main CMPs identified (n=21 papers) in the qualitative studies, with a smaller number examining vitamin and mineral supplements together with herbal medicines (n = 3), and micronutrient supplements (n = 3).
In 2013, the NYSPA filed a class-action suit on behalf of its members and their patients against UnitedHealthGroup for not covering mental health-related claims, citing as examples different algorithms; preauthorization; and concurrent review procedures than for medical claims, often resulting in denial of coverage.
Huff has been named manager of utilization management for ABCBS and will take responsibility over care management activities, such as pre-certification and concurrent review, associated with large in-state and national accounts.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have launched a "parallel review" pilot program for concurrent review of medical devices for FDA approval and Medicare coverage.
As the leader of the hospital medical management efforts, many physician executives are held accountable for the success or failure (denials) of inpatient concurrent review even though they are not directly involved in managing the process.
In addition to emphasizing application completeness from the beginning and using a city-appointed project manager, the planners will also introduce the concept of concurrent review. In this process, the city will review land-use permits and building permits at the same time, and both sides will sign a charter defining the project.
Steger told the media, "I asked for the creation of two different but concurrent review processes.
Bar rules treat electronic solicitations the same as direct-mail solicitation, under Rule 4-7.4, and are subject to concurrent review, not prior review.
It begins with the author's own family members' birthing experiences and moves to a history of childbirth from ancient ancestors to modern times, providing a concurrent review of changing methods, cultural influences, and childbirth experiences.
Certain CFS line items that will be subject to our concurrent review because of their significance, such as the federal employee and veteran benefits payable line item, involve federal agencies' significant actuarial estimations.
If the force resulted in a fatality, internal investigations should run a concurrent review and to the extent possible, the review should be conducted by someone outside the officer's chain of command or possibly a sister law enforcement agency.
Instead of a 'waterfall'-style process, which only produces results at the end of a long project, lean development encourages short, iterative working patterns with concurrent review and feedback, with new, usable software released regularly throughout.

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