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n the use of two or more processors in a system configuration. One processor controls the system, and the others are subordinate to it.
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ANTs believes the ANTs Data Server can provide significant performance and cost advantages to enterprises that require massively concurrent transaction processing, and to database and enterprise platform vendors who want to add concurrent processing capabilities to their products.
Enhanced timeline visualizations for quick detection of concurrent processing bottlenecks
With the combination of high-speed compute power available on today's workstations, and the concurrent processing functionality in Calibre MTflex, very fast turnaround times for full-chip RET verification can be achieved.
Adding to the SSL and TCP functions, the on-die 48 multi-threaded processors, each with four concurrent processing threads, and virtual memory managers can process tens of thousands of simultaneous HTTP sessions in parallel.
With the DB2 relational database and concurrent processing, CSC's Distribution Support System is capable of processing extremely high volumes.
This concurrent processing is a critical feature to enable simultaneous spectral analysis and channel processing in real-time without missing any samples.
This means that utilizing additional processors on the database server allows for expanded concurrent processing.
Test time automatic optimization software contributes to a significant reduction in the program development time and alleviation of the load to engineers by automatically performing test program optimization for concurrent processing of each process.
As certified Baan IV software solutions, EDI Application Integrator and the Enterprise System are capable of true concurrent processing to match the Baan Direct Network Communication (DNC) processes.
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