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Informatics The ability of an operating system to simultaneously run multiple programs–eg, graphics, spreadsheets, word processing or formats of software–eg, coding, compiling, testing
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Performing multiple duties or taking on multiple responsibilities and roles simultaneously.
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They say: "We are deeply concerned that the armed forces have been operating at or above the level of concurrent operations they are resourced and structured to deliver for seven of the last eight years, and for every year since 2002."
The MAP1000 is architected from the ground up to provide guaranteed reliable real-time response while supporting flexible concurrent operations.
In this article we present an algorithm that manages the execution of concurrent operations on extendible hashing.
According to Bob Folsom, director of Bacchus West manufacturing, "The major benefit that we have with this AGVS is that we can essentially do concurrent operations in our mix building.
Meantime, a field source said that other Syrian army troops also clashed with militants in al-Latamineh and al-Hobait in Western Khan Sheikhoun in Southern Idlib, adding that the army intended to surround the terrorists in Southern Idlib and facilitate the operations in Idlib and Hama by launching concurrent operations in several fronts, driving wedges to separate the region into several parts and cutting the militants' supply lines.
He also warned the Saudi-led coalition that the Yemeni army is capable of conducting concurrent operations, adding that they are extending the range of their attacks.
The army's concurrent operations from several pivots in Eastern Palmyra, Western Raqqa, Eastern Aleppo and Eastern Salamiyeh has played a decisive role in cutting the ISIL's supply routes between its bases in Badiyeh (desert) and purging terrorists from thousands of kilometers of the Syrian territories.

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