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Inability to abstract with an overemphasis on specific details; seen in mental disorders, such as dementia and schizophrenia, and also normally in children.
[L. con-cresco, pp. -cretus, to grow together, harden]
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Our attempts to concretize the Purple Flower again highlighted the ambiguity of Bonner's message, with suggestions wavering between racially specific and "universal" interpretations.
First, Wilson's use of language concretizes on stage the richness of what Henry Louis Gates, Jr., calls African American "vernacular, or oral tradition." In his article "The Master's Pieces: On Canon Formation and the African-American Tradition," Gates suggests that to reassess African American literary and cultural achievement is to recognize "the formal relationships that obtain among texts in the black tradition - relations of revision, echo, call and response, antiphony, what have you -" and to recognize "the vernacular roots of the tradition." For the vernacular tradition, according to Gates, "has a canon of its own" (102).
For his part, the Turkish ambassador presented his government's position anti-terrorism and support for Iraq and readiness to develop cooperation, in a way that ensure its friendly position to the Iraqi people as well as its keenness to concretize Iraq's victory on terrorism.
The government is making all endeavour to concretize the royal aspirations, he stressed pointing out that more achievements are in the pipeline despite all challenges to translate His Majesty King Hamad's ambitions into a tangible reality and bring about further prosperity to Bahrain.
Ki-moon highly appreciated the efforts exerted by the parliament under the leadership of al-Jubouri to face challenges and to achieve success to concretize the national reconciliation project.
As for the charge of SLC saying that Allawi, became a threat to the political process, Damluji stressed on, that Allawi became a true guarantee of democracy in Iraq, simultaneously a threat to the dictatorship, sectarianism, which ruling party seeks to concretize both," as she put it.