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Inability to abstract with an overemphasis on specific details; seen in mental disorders, such as dementia and schizophrenia, and also normally in children.
[L. con-cresco, pp. -cretus, to grow together, harden]
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As for the charge of SLC saying that Allawi, became a threat to the political process, Damluji stressed on, that Allawi became a true guarantee of democracy in Iraq, simultaneously a threat to the dictatorship, sectarianism, which ruling party seeks to concretize both," as she put it.
The play with edges is a further formal homage to Manet, and as in the Bar it employs the workings of a mirror, finding a new purpose to that painting's unstable interplay between the spectator's centrality (as "seen" by the woman) and displacement (as "reflected" in the objective optic of the mirror), in order to concretize the fresh theoretical speculation then circulating around questions of male spectatorship and the complicity of both Renaissance perspective and the camera's technology in that regime.
The design competition is on the one hand concretize the overall development of the Centre Small Wabern and on the other hand to show how far the desired uses with a high urban quality in subdivisions Balsigermatte and Nesslerenweg can be arranged.
The upcoming Volunteer Fair is a historic first for Abu Dhabi and an ideal medium for our university to concretize its commitment to 'global knowledge with local vision.
We are ready to give them (Team-Anna) credit that due to their movement the bill is going to be concretize so quickly in such a short duration of time.
He also underscored that the power sharing and security arrangement committees do need important effort to concretize a peace deal.
Meanwhile, Ugljanin said that the most important decision, which was made in this meeting, was to concretize the industrial zone project which would be established in Sanjak region (highly populated by Bosnians) with 30 millon USD of Turkey's contribution.
A senior source from the Arabian Gulf said that the recent uncovering of a coup plot in Bahrain serves "to concretize the concerns expressed by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak about security in the Gulf," stressing that Bahrain and other states are "fully aware of attempts to destabilize their security, and will stand firmly against such attempts, which are doomed to failure," reported pan-Arab daily AL HAYAT, Tuesday.
now have a number of key dialogue mechanisms to concretize and deepen
This test helps authorities and companies to concretize their sustainability ambitions.
For those interested in posterity, this might be this generation's most important undertaking: to concretize the foundations of Harvey Milk's renown, and not let his life and legacy become merely grist for the Hollywood star mill.
Both India and Oman have a special vision for our bilateral relationship and I will use my visit to find ways in which we can concretize this vision into a broad and mutually beneficial cooperative framework between the two countries.