concrete operations

con·crete op·er·a·tions

in the psychology of Piaget, a stage of development in thinking, occurring approximately between 7-11 years of age, during which a child becomes capable of reasoning about concrete situations.
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Unannounced, semi-annual audits are performed at Temecula and sister concrete operations by a member of the corporate Environmental Department.
As presented by Brazil's Votorantim Industrial S.A., the IPO encompassed a portfolio of cement and concrete operations in the Americas, Europe and Africa, and had a target value hovering $5 billion.
To improve efficiencies and collaboration across its Southeast and South Central precast/prestressed concrete operations, Gate Precast Co.
This organization-and not what really happened in the past-is what leads to its use in concrete operations, which can only be executed in the present.'
Eugene, OR, May 22, 2018 --( Don Lindsey stated: "Luke brings many years of experience with Slinger and Volumetric Concrete Operations along with a high level of technical knowledge, which will allow him to connect with our customers from a General Contractor's unique perspective.
The companies are engaged in heavy civil and highway contracting, natural gas pipeline construction, ready-mixed concrete operations, mining and quarry operations, and wildlife management on its Big Fork Ranch south of Ponca City.
The acquisition enables Breedon to enter the attractive Irish construction market and provides significant opportunities to expand upstream though the aggregates business in Ireland and downstream through the asphalt and ready-mixed concrete operations.
"Environmentally friendly solutions for the disposal of concrete wash water from ready mixed concrete operations" in CIB W89 Beijing International Conference, 21-24.
In 2015, the company completed several acquisitions, including an aggregates facility in Tennessee, three aggregates facilities and seven ready-mixed concrete operations in Arizona and New Mexico, and 13 asphalt mix plants, primarily in Arizona.
Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) said it has released its Trimble[R] TrimFleet(TM) Mobile Connect for ready mix concrete operations.