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Shape; mold.
[L. forma]
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In clinical trials, the items and item groups used to capture and display clinical trial data.
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Shape; mold.
[L. forma]
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  1. a neutral term for
  1. a uniform sample of individuals or
  2. any taxon.
  3. the place in which hares lie and may give birth to young.
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Shape; mold.
[L. forma]
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Q. Is cholesteatoma a form of cancer? My ear Doctor diagnosed me with cholesteatoma. I am very scared. Does this mean I have cancer? Can I die from this?

A. Cholesteatomas are not a form of cancer. They are benign tumors. They can destroy the bones of hearing as they grow, especially when the ear is infected or if water gets into the middle ear with other infections.
Cholesteatomas are not life threatening but should be treated since they can cause complications if are not treated. If not treated, cholesteatomas will eventually erode the bone leading into the inner ear. This can cause nerve loss and deafness as well as severe imbalance and dizziness. The thin plate of bone that separates the roof of the ear from the brain can also be eroded by cholesteatomas. This exposes the covering of the brain. In extreme situations, it can lead to brain infection and other severe complications.

Q. I am suffering form Bipolar Disorder. Hi, this is Mickey. I am suffering form Bipolar Disorder. What can I do to help myself to get better?

A. Go see a professional - it's the best advice I can tell you. Bipolar disorder can be severe, and practically ruin one's life, and there's a good treatment, so my best advice is to seek professional help (doctor, e.g. a psychiatrist).

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Q. I wish to know whether consumption of probiotics in the form of medicine will have any side effects. I wish to know whether consumption of probiotics in the form of medicine will have any side effects. I wish to know the probable causes that could reduce them in gut?

A. Taking probiotics in pill form might have some side effect especially if taken in excess may lead to some gut infections. You may also feel formation of gas in stomach. Taking on antibiotics or consumption of any toxic food can reduce the probiotics in the guts.

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The global insulated concrete form market size is expected to reach USD 1.2 billion by 2025, accelerating at a CAGR of 5.2% over the forecast period, as per a new report by Grand View Research Inc.
An insulated concrete form is, as its name infers, concrete.
Murphy said compared to water-based release agents, biodiesel works better because it doesn't dry out on the concrete forms and isn't washed off by rain.
The manner in which the concrete form dramatically morphs to express the notion of continuity is an unprecedented success; when the design rationale deviates from this discipline the building does on occasion lose its conceptual clarity, as is the case with the preformed concrete panels on the south elevation, and where a number of the internalised cones lose their robust self-finished surface in place of a traditional plaster finish.
Insulated concrete form (ICF) construction uses foam blocks to create a form into which concrete is poured.
The Insulating Concrete Form Association Web site,, has information on ICF installation, building codes, and standards and practices, as well as a bookstore and a newsletter.
But on display at a couple of booths at the convention were insulating concrete form (ICF) systems made basically out of polystyrene that is left in place after the concrete is poured.
The good news: Even if termites do penetrate the foam, they can do little harm to the concrete form inside.
The products include crop adjuvants and soy-based sealants for fresh concrete, concrete form and wood patios.
THIS ISSUE'S MUSINGS BEGAN to take concrete form as I sat in my room on the eighth floor of the Sarajevo Holiday Inn during a two-week consulting engagement in late September-early October.
These rumors took concrete form when the two Chinese astronaut candidates, Li Quinlong and Wu Ji Li, trained at Russia's Star City complex in 1996.
Lamken responded that the matter had to be considered in an administrative hearing so that the claim would arise in the "most concrete form possible."