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concise, the brand name for diacrylate resin adhesives used in composite restorations and for bonding orthodontic appliances to the enamel.
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An attempt at concision using the criteria for technical discourse gave us the term "y'obokuma-ye".
Besides constructing units to promote fluency, we included two introductory units that introduced participants to the software and described how to score responses for concision.
Makine is no stranger to the art of compression; his earlier novel, Confessions of a Fallen Standard Bearer, was a model of resonant concision.
Similarly teeming with contextual information, most other entries are nonetheless miracles of concision.
For that to happen, though, concision and clarity would have to supplant this book's meandering forays into geometric--and, worse, "geodesic"--schools of interpretation.
Hesse's Siddhartha and Steppenwolf, are awe-inspiring in their concision, whereas his interminable Glass Bead Game is unenticing.
Just as the era the book describes is a kind of flipside to the decadent and rigidly class-divided society of Wilde's original, so Self's linguistic style, like Wilde, is a curiously distinct mixture of the verbose and the pithy in a new millennium where most writing tends towards the shape, concision, and blandness of a mobile text message.
Developed through the ayre's predominant subjects (love and death) and exemplified in various elements of diction, metrics, figural predilections (the "opposition between epigrammatic concision .
Even Damien Hirst, who was nominated in 1992 but won on a second try in 1995--and is represented here by Mother and Child Divided, 1993/2007--can be seen as a continuation of this lineage more than as a break with it, although there is clearly something different about his combination of a knack for provocation with imagistic concision.
His focus is, paradoxically, not even centred on the prettinesses and concetti of form, which arguably provides merely a frame, demanding economy and concision, wherein to develop and briefly, caressingly gather those ephemeral yet felt connections between mind, heart, and the teeming phenomena of the natural world.
Typically, however, Hillary Rodham Clinton's account of her eight years in the White House, not to mention her turbulent life with the ever errant Bill, breaks the mould, being both intimate, almost confessional, and written with (for a politician) rare concision and clarity.
The strong colors and formal concision of Kobro's sculpture are remade using the intimate scale and nuance of George Brecht's or Joseph Cornell's boxes, then reshaped with the twist of postmodern self-consciousness.